As an Intermediate facility, the Orion House provides a house counselor who provides both individual and group supports to the residents.  Residents receive specialized mental health and psychiatric services through community based mental health providers. 

Each resident at Orion House is provided with the following therapeutic services:

  • Mentorship and advocacy by a resident-selected Advocate
  • Individual Counseling and Transitional Planning from a Masters Level Counselor
  • Family and resident worker and Behavior Management from a Masters Level Counselor
  • Family support as prescribed in the resident’s treatment plan
  • Group counseling that focuses on emotional regulation, substance awareness and education, transitional goals and skills, and problem solving skills.
  • Medication Management that focuses on Distribution of Medication, arrangement and attendance at appointments, education around medication, and over the counter medication management.
  • Therapeutic Recreation that focuses on resident’s wellbeing and personal health.