family therapy

Orion House strongly believes that in order to assist residents with meeting their goals, the whole family and support system must be included in developing a successful plan. 

Family members and support resources are encouraged to keep in contact with residents and the treatment members of the house.  Families are able to call daily and are asked to work with the clinical team in developing treatment goals for the resident.  Family visits include: on campus, local community, day visit and overnight(s) as appropriate. Family support will be offered as needed.

Identified family and support team members will receive monthly progress reports which provide a summary of the resident’s activities for the month and progress notes on the resident’s treatment objectives.  Additionally, these same team members will be invited to treatment meetings every 90 days, providing an opportunity to discuss achievements, progress and challenges. During these meetings, the resident’s transition plan is reviewed and adjusted based on progress.   All emergencies, medical needs, or emergent issues are communicated to team members immediately through phone and email (if requested).