success stories

Meet Christian

Christian is an 18 year old current resident whom has been at the Orion House for two years. He has been working on independent living and doing a great job. Christian has been learning how to manage a budget, cook and other important life skills. He recently received his drivers license and has a job. When asked about his thoughts on the Orion House, his response was:

The staff is nice, unlike a lot of other placements and I appreciate that.”

I want to thank the Orion House for all that they did for me.   I would not be who I am today without them.  I am in the Air Force, have a wonderful wife and my life is truly one I am happy with.      
Comments from previous resident.

“As a result of the excellent work OH has done with my child in all these areas, he has shown maturity to begin managing all the needs of his treatment plan on his own. This is progress indeed.” 
Written by a CASA worker.

“The Orion House accepted the child and was able to get them some clothes and personal items that were needed as the child came with the clothes on their back. The Orion House made the child feel welcomed and the facility is clean, warm and safe. This child has been given excellent care. The staff arranged all the proper medical evaluations required including dental and eye doctor appointments. The staff has also set up and conducted the needed counseling. The Orion House has also been instrumental in getting the child into school and starting the IEP process. My interaction with the Orion House and its staff has been good. The monthly reports I receive are clear and concise and very thorough. The zoom meetings have also been appreciated during this difficult time due to the covid-19 virus when personal access has been limited. The Orion House has made a difficult situation much more manageable and giving the child the chance and ability to grow and overcome their issues and move forward in their life.”
Written by GAL

This letter is in reference to Orion House Residential Home located in Newport, NH. I am a grandparent of a young man who is a resident at Orion House and he has bloomed during the past two years as a resident. His personal growth and his ability to regulate his emotions has been substantial and crucial to his ability to be a contributing member of not only Orion House, but with his relationships with family and friends and his ability to manage his anxiety in uncertain situations. 

The staff at Orion House have been crucial components to my grandson’s success. In my experience, the staff are extremely responsive to the needs of each residence and provide a comprehensive wrap around plan. Specifically for my grandson, the consistent and structured expectations for behavior and basic daily living habits/chores have helped him gain a sense of control over his environment. Caring and responsive staff continue to demonstrate their willingness to unconditionally be there for him again and again when things don’t go as planned and he doesn’t always show his appreciation. It is this consistency over time that is allowing my grandson to begin to trust others and himself. 

The communication between staff and family is phenomenal. They address many complicated family dynamics and yet make people feel heard and included. I have found the staff to be forthcoming, non judge-mental, and objective. Meetings are well organized with all contributing stakeholders available and prepared. Behavioral and educational plans are well thought out and cover the breadth and depth of student needs. There are no surprises when it comes to my grandson as I am kept informed when a situation arises that may have impact on his visitations or outings. 

Unique to my grandson has been many visits lo the hospital as the result of a broken arm. The staff at Orion House has been spot on covering and coordinating many appointments and medications. They truly care about him and I know my grandson feels safe with the staff and this is amazing!! 

I think Orion House does a fantastic and very professional job of nurturing and educating the young men in their care. I highly recommend this residential program.
Written by a grandparent of a resident