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Orion House, Inc. is immensely proud of the fact that we have been providing effective residential and behavioral services to the youth and families of New Hampshire for more than 40 years.

The Orion House’s leadership includes 


Danielle Paranto M.Ed
Executive Director


Melanie Gioioso,  MS–


Michelle Parker, MS—
Admission Inquiries


Nina Albano, MS LCMHC
Prescribing Practitioner


Additionally Orion House employs a:

Family and Resident Worker who provides individual and group services

Medical Care Coordinator

Educational Coordinator

Transition Coordinator

Crew of 8 full time staff and 4 part time Residential Staff.

roles and responsibilities

Board of Directors: Appendix A

Members of the Board of Directors serve on a voluntary basis, are appointed by the sitting Board, and serve three years. The duties of the Board are established by the by-laws of the corporation. The Board is the ultimate authority in governing the House.

Executive Director: Danielle Paranto, M.EdCertified in Educational Leadership

The Executive Director serves multiple roles within the Orion House.  The Executive Director’s primary duties and responsibilities are centered around financial solvency, quality assurance, vision planning, and oversight of all state requirements. The ED is responsible for supervising the Program Director as well as the Treatment Coordinator.  Additionally, The ED is responsible for informing the Board of Directors of the overall operations, concerns or issues that may be affecting the Orion House.

Program Director: Melanie Gioioso, MS 

The program Director’s primary duties and responsibilities are centered around the programmatic elements and components of the Orion House, Inc. agency. These include, but are not limited to: Staff Management and Development; the implementation of clinical and behaviorally –oriented interventions, methodologies, and programmatic services; staff supervision (e.g. Residential Supervisors, Residential Counselors, Educational Coordinator, per diem staff and other direct care staff); and holds direct responsibility for overall programmatic effectiveness and service delivery with the Community, Residential, Medical, and Educational domains.

Practitioner/Licensed Therapist: Nina Albano, MA LMHC

Provides supervision for the Clinical/Treatment Coordinator and Milieu Counselor.   These duties include clinical supervision over individual, group and family counseling.  Additionally, the prescribing practitioner reviews all 30-Day assessments and provides recommendations for treatment.

Clinical Coordinator/Treatment Coordinator: Dave Morris

The Treatment Coordinator is responsible for all clinical aspects of Orion House, Inc.  The principal duties and responsibilities, in their order of priority, include, but are not limited to:  the timely completion and documentation of residents’ 30-Day Assessments; the timely development and documentation of residents Treatment Plans; the timely completion of the three month treatment reviews; and, acts as the Orion House, Inc. liaison/coordinator who facilitates our residents’ outpatient treatment needs.

Family and Resident Worker: Dave Morris 

The Family and Resident Worker is a new position to the Orion House and as a pilot project has a job description that will continue to evolve.  As an overview, the family and resident worker is responsible for the daily clinical needs of the Orion House residents.  This counselor should be well versed in research based treatment methodologies and work with residents on reaching their treatment goals.  The Family and Resident Worker is a member of a larger clinical team and will be required to assess residents as well as develop Treatment Plan goals and objectives within the domain of safety and behavior. 

Program Coordinator: Vacant

The Program Coordinator is the supervisor that manages the daily routine- from the time the residents return from school until they go to bed for the night. Additionally, the Program Coordinator is responsible for case management and the daytime operations of residential programming. When vacant or intentionally unfilled, the duties of this position are distributed to the Clinical/Treatment Coordinator, Residential Coordinator, Independent Living Coordinator, and Educational Coordinator.

Residential Care Coordinator: Lisa Brooks

The Residential Care Coordinator (RCC)position is an integral, multi-faceted position within the residential program.  Under the direct supervision of the Program Director the RCC is responsible for the general oversight, planning, and facilitation of residential care which will include but is not limited to: medical, dental and mental health appointments and follow-ups.  Additional Responsibilities include the management of resident medication.

Transitional Coordinator: Angie Armstrong

The Transitional Coordinator is responsible for the resident’s transition into the program as well as preparing for their transition for leaving the program.  This position works with all residents in assessing their needs for transition and developing a plan of goals and actions steps for a successful transition upon discharge.  Additionally, this positon provides support to residents in independent living, employment, postsecondary education and adult living.

Educational Coordinator: Angie Armstrong 

The Educational Coordinator position is responsible managing the educational programming of all residents.  This includes completing intake assessments, overseeing registration and enrollment in school, being responsible for the delivery of educational services to the students; providing direct tutorial and educational management services to each resident. 

Food Services Coordinator: Trevor Fratzel

The Food Service Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of meal preparation.  This full-time position requires preparation of breakfast, lunch, 2 snacks and dinner for the Orion House.  This process includes meal planning to match the “healthy house” standards, ordering all products, preparing all meals and cleaning and maintaining all cooking areas and equipment.  Lastly, this position may also include training residents on job skills related to culinary vocational skills.

Residential Counselor II: 

Residential Counselor IIs are responsible for ensuring resident safety and supervision during residential hours, as well as being responsible for the general oversight, planning, and facilitation of residential programming in regards to all in-house, athletic, recreational, outdoor, and off campus programming within the residential milieu. Additionally, the Residential Counselor II is required to perform case management for up to four residents.

Case Manager:

The Case Manager’s main role is to guide the resident through the program and be their advocate. This includes a wide range of responsibilities, from helping the resident obtain needed items (like soap or a haircut) all the way to advocating for the resident if they feel they have been treated unfairly. Case Managers provide family support during phone calls and assist with arranging family visits.

Residential Counselor I:

Residential counselors are responsible for ensuring resident safety and supervision during residential hours, as well as being responsible for the general oversight, planning, and facilitation of residential programming in regards to all in-house, athletic, recreational, outdoor, and off campus programming within the residential milieu.    

If a supervisory position is vacant, staff will report to the next higher staff member in the Chain of Command (see below). If that(those) individual(s) is(are) unavailable, staff should report to the Executive Director.

Structure of the Orion House Organization & Chain of Command